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Boiler Engineer: “Don’t Turn Your Heating On Without Doing This”

By MoneySaverReport | Last updated 26 February 2021

Homeowners Urged To Claim £2.99 Protection

Like millions of other Brits this winter, I missed an obvious sign with my boiler…

And that mistake cost me £286.02

Here’s what you need to know:

On what felt like the coldest morning of the year, the unthinkable happened…

Our boiler conked out.

The Average Boiler Replacement Costs £2250

The little screen just showed “Er”.

So, I immediately got on the phone to some repair companies, but the soonest someone could come out was 3 days.

After 72 long hours of “kettle baths” (not my proudest moment) and constantly wearing 2 jumpers, the day arrived.

Little did I know, I was in for a surprise…

The engineer, Craig (name changed to protect his identity – I know his employer is going to want to know who spilled the beans), got to work on our boiler.

He seemed like a nice friendly guy, so I offered him a cuppa.

Brits Can Be Left Without Heating For Weeks

“I really shouldn’t, mate,” Craig said as he reached out to accept it.

Now, the more Craig and I chatted, the friendlier we got. So when I asked his advice on keeping my boiler running smoothly, he told me the honest truth…

I could not believe what I was hearing…

50% Of UK Households Will Suffer A Boiler Breakdown This Winter

“If I’m completely honest,” he said, “breakdowns are pretty much inevitable at the minute”.

“Where it’s cold and everyone is stuck at home, the whole country is running heating around the clock,” he said.

“Because there are so many breakdowns, we’ve never been busier,” Craig said, “some people are sitting in the cold for weeks waiting to get fixes done.”

“And even when you do get help, a lot of companies will charge thousands to get the heating back on…” he said.

I blinked as it started to dawn on me, just what Craig was saying…

“How much do you think this will cost me?” I asked.

“Don’t worry, this isn’t too bad, I’ve got the part and it’s a simple enough fix,” he said.

“But you’re one of the lucky ones,” Craig said, “I’ve just come from a house where they need to replace the whole thing…”

“So, what should I do?” I asked, defeated.

Craig set his mug down on the side. “I’d get fired if my boss knew I’d told you this…”

The £2.99 Fix Boiler Repair Companies Are Trying To Keep Secret

“A few weeks ago, a big boiler cover company announced a huge price drop,” he said, “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“For 3 quid a month, if anything goes wrong with your heating, they will an engineer to you in 24 hours and fix the problem for free,” Craig said.

“It’s probably some big PR stunt, but you’d be stupid not to take advantage.”

“I’ve even told all my family and friends to start using them, because right now I can’t take any time off to help if something goes wrong,” he said.

Brits Are Rushing To Claim BeSmart’s £2.99 Cover

Nearly speechless, I thanked Craig for giving such honest advice as he walked out the door. He only had one thing to say:

“Thanks for the cuppa, mate.”

What do you get with the £2.99 cover?

Be Smart has long protected UK Households with 5-star boiler and home emergency cover.

If you are retired or working from home, have a boiler under 20 years old and live in one of the areas they cover, you qualify for the cover.

Here’s what you get:

  1. Free boiler service
  2. 24hr emergency callout
  3. Unlimited claims

Claim Your £3 Protection Now

Tens of thousands of households trust Be Smart to protect their homes during the colder months, and it’s safe to say that people love what they’re getting.

They have 5-star reviews online, here’s what some of them had to say recently:

How can I claim my £2.99 protection?

Because of the incredible demand for their £2.99 cover, Be Smart will start limiting the amount of new customers they take on.

As of 14 April 2021, they are still accepting new customers. Follow the instructions below to claim your £3 protection:

  1. Click your region on the map below to see if you qualify
  2. Fill in your postcode, name and email address
  3. Pay £3 to activate your cover

Claim Your £3 Protection Now

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