This Year’s Top UK Credit Cards

Each year the biggest bank and brand names are competing to attract customers to use their credit cards. Here are the best deals for credit cards this year:

  1. The best 0% credit card – Halifax
  2. This mastercard allows you up to 30 months at 0% REP APR for up to 30 months and 18.9% after, boasting the longest spending period currently available.

  3. £25 bonus nectar points – Sainsbury’s
  4. Sainsbury’s mastercard offering allows you 28 months at 0%, making it a close second to Halifax. You need a nectar card to register for the credit card, and 500 bonus points for every grocery shop made in Sainsbury’s in your first two months will give you a maximum of £25 bonus points.

  5. The best card for low-credit scores – Marbles
  6. This mastercard offers 0% spending for the first 5 months, allowing you to build up your credit score. However, you must make all monthly minimum repayments – remember 0% doesn’t mean nothing to pay. It offers pre-approval, so you can check your eligibility without affecting your credit score.

  7. Building a credit limit – Aqua
  8. This mastercard is a good option for those trying to increase their credit limit, as limits start between £250 and £1,200 and if you pay consistently on time and don’t go over your limit, Aqua can extend your credit limit on your fourth statement.

  9. Cheapest long-term, low-rate card – Tesco
  10. With a 5.9% REP APR, Tesco’s option is relatively low for those looking more long-term for the life of their credit card. Whilst some will have a higher APR of 10.9%, everyone can enjoy that there is no balance transfer fee with this Tesco credit card.

  11. Lloyds Bank Platinum credit card
  12. This is a good option for general everyday spending as it offers a 0% balance transfer fee and a 6.4% APR. Not the best that is available, but the interest rate is still pretty low.

  13. For the student – HSBC
  14. Great for young people, just starting to build their credit scores, there is no annual fee and you can earn cashback with your favourite shopping brands.

  15. For the jet-setter – British Airways Amex
  16. You can be rewarded with free flights with this American Express card, as if you spend £1,000 within the first three months, you can gain 5,000 bonus Avios points.

  17. For the shopper – American Express Platinum Everyday
  18. With a 5% cashback reward, this credit card is perfect for those making big purchases. But you must spend £3000 in the first year to earn any cashback at all.

  19. A good all-rounder – Natwest
  20. Boasting no fee for foreign transactions and no fee for balance transfer fees, this credit card is perfect for those who often travel abroad.